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About us and contacts

The society was set up in 1975 to investigate, learn about and celebrate what is left to us. We arrange walks, visits and outings in relation to the archaeology and history of Islington.

Why archaeology?
Archaeology is not just about what is buried; it includes structures and fragments that still exist, and the people who lived, worked and died in them.


The society is run entirely by volunteers. We have no staff nor office.

Membership and publications
Catherine Brighty
020 7833 1541, 8 Wynyatt Street, London EC1V 7HU, catherine (dot) brighteyes [at] hotmail (dot) co (dot) uk



Alec Forshaw

Mary Cosh

Membership and events
Catherine Brighty

Philip Anderson

Committee members
Andy Gardner
Michael Harper
Samir Singh
Zena Sullivan


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